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GGA Board of Directors


Ron Suess has been involved with The Geysers for more than 40 years. He began his career at The Geysers shortly after PG&E Unit 1 was completed. Ron began his career at The Geysers as a Marine Biologist assigned to do fish studies in Big Sulphur Creek. Nevertheless, his initial task at The Geysers required him to perform the very first mass balances on PG&E Units 1 and 2.

Ron is a staunch advocate for geothermal energy in general and especially the geothermal industry at The Geysers. He has advocated on behalf of The Geysers in Washington D.C. and Sacramento.

Ron continues to provide multi-faceted services to The Geysers and other clients with his consultant company, RES Co. Ron is a co-owner of the Bottle Rock Power Corporation that intends to operate its Bottle Rock Power Plant located at The Geysers. Ron has a broad-based technical education as well as a master's degree in theology and a Juris Doctor degree in Law. He looks forward to engaging in ongoing service for the benefit of the geothermal industry at The Geysers.

GGA President

Ron Suess

President, RES Co.
1275 4th St., Ste 105
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone 707.541.0976
Fax 707.546.9139


Matt Chappell was raised in Santa Rosa, attended college at Sonoma State University and received his Masters Degree in Accountancy from Phoenix University.  Although he began working at the Geysers in 2010, it was nothing new to him as his father, Ronald Chappell, worked at the Geysers for over 25 years.  In his spare time Matt enjoys mountain biking and brewing his own beer.

Chief Financial Officer Treasurer

Matt Chappell


Danielle Matthews Seperas joined Calpine's Geysers team in 1998.  Danielle oversees Calpine's Geysers outreach efforts, interacting with local community and working with local government on energy and related issues.  Her responsibilities include expanding geothermal energy education in the community, promoting The Geysers through community tours and overseeing Calpine's Visitors Center operations.

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in History and Government, a Master's degree in Public Administration.

Manager, Government & Community Affairs
The Geysers


1215 K Street, Ste. 2210
Sacramento, California 95814  916.491.3377

GGA Secretary

Danielle Matthews Seperas



Marilyn Sanborn's introduction to geothermal energy came in 1979, when she hired on at (then) Union Oil Company. She assisted with drafting in the engineering drafting department. In 1985 she accepted an offer from Harry Bain to become editor of the brand new GGA newsletter, The Geysers Steamline, which helped her launch her home graphics business, Windsong Designs. Marilyn worked at Unocal until 1987. Then again for a over the years as a temp worker as needed.

Along with being editor, Marilyn served on the GGA membership chairman and was a member of the board. She published The Geysers "Steamline" for 16 years, handing it over to Kathy Enedy in the summer of 2001. Now, she will again continue on as virtual editor of the "Steamline", thanks to the Internet, and resume responsibilites of Membership Chair. She and her husband, Eric are making their home in Oak Run, 27 miles east of Redding.

GGA Newsletter Editor and Membership Chairperson

Marilyn Sanborn

Windsong Designs
27445 Lookout Mountain Lane
Oak Run, CA 96069


Louis Capuano III was born in Santa Rosa California.  He has been around The Geysers and geothermal drilling rigs his whole life, thanks to his father Louis Capuano Jr.   Louis III graduated from Cardinal Newman H.S. in 2000 then moved to Louisiana where he attended Louisiana State University.  After graduating with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering, Louis was offered several opportunities with major oilfield service companies.  Though those opportunities were enticing, he wanted to work alongside his father as a Drilling Engineer at ThermaSource where he oversaw drilling operations, designed well programs and performed project management at the growing geothermal drilling firm.

He looks forward to a long career in the ever growing market of Geothermal Energy. Louis is currently working with Capuano Enginering Consultants


GGA Scholarship Chairman

Louis Capuano III

Capuano Engineering Consultants
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


Nick Voegtly has been consulting since 1999 with geothermal, construction, commercial and government clients helping to build safer and more complaint workplaces. He previously worked for Unocal at The Geysers for 20 years and also was a member of the Corporate Emergency Response Strike Team. Prior to Unocal he worked for USGS performing geothermal reconnaissance studies in the Western U.S.

Mr. Voegtly has a BS in geology from the University of Oregon. He has strongly supported the geothermal industry throughout his career.

GGA SHEL Chairman

Nick Voegtly, CSP

Nick Voegtly Safety & Loss Control
Middletown, CA
(707) 349-7233


New to the Geothermal industry, Margaret Lewis joined the Calpine Team in 2004. Margaret currently holds the position of Administrative Assistant III and supports Bruce Carlsen, Director of Environmental Services at The Geysers. This position includes support to the Environmental Managers as well as the Safety Department. In addition, Margaret lends a hand to the chemistry lab and hazardous materials.

Prior to Calpine, Margaret was the Office Manager and Executive Assistant to the Director and Manager of a Nevada State agency while residing in Elko, Nevada. Before moving to Nevada, Margaret worked for Blue shield of California and held various positions while there.

Margaret and her husband have been residents of Loch Lomond since 1987, with the exception of 8 years in Nevada.

GGA Public Relations

Margaret Lewis

Administrative Assistant Calpine Geothermal


GGA Webmaster

Dorothy Beebee

PO Box 428
Forestville, CA 95436

Dorothy Beebee worked as a scientific illustrator for many years before joining Unocal Corp. as a draftperson in the Land Dept. She maintained that positon for 8 years before joining the Geoscience Dept for an additonal 7 years  before retiring in 1999. She has continued her interest in Geothermal world at The Geysers, designing and maintaining the GGA Website since 2004.

Ben came to The Geysers in 1978 from Union Oil's Research Department and spent fifteen of the next twenty one years here. Trained and registered as a petroleum engineer, Ben was involved in research on water injection, drilling operations, property taxation and strategic planning. During a five year assignment with Philippine Geothermal, he was the manager of computer services as well as reservoir engineering. When Calpine bought Unocal's holdings in 1999, Ben set up his own reservoir engineering consultancy. Although most of his practice now takes him far from The Geysers, he continues to take a keen interest in its progress.
Ben Barker
(707) 838-0238

Paula Blaydes

Blaydes & Assoc.
  Santa Rosa, CA 95404
  707 537-8727


Paula Blaydes, is the Principal of Blaydes & Associates, which she started in 1981. She provides environmental permitting and regulatory consulting services to geosciences/engineering firms, energy developers, utilities, and government agencies in the western United States and internationally. She has worked on geothermal projects throughout the western U.S. and abroad for more than 30 years including permitting 10 geothermal power plants in the state of California on private and federally owned lands. In 2007, she authored the California Geothermal Permitting Guide for the California Geothermal Energy Collaborative/California Energy Commission and recently completed a major revision of the Guide , which is soon-to-be-available on the CEC website. The 2007 version is currently available on the CDOGGR and CEC websites.

Until April, 2012, she was the Director of Environmental Permitting and Governmental Affairs in the Santa Rosa, CA office of GeoGlobal Energy, LLC. Before joining GGE in late 2009, she was Vice President of Environmental Permitting and Governmental Affairs at Western GeoPower, Inc. (now Ram Power/Western GeoPower Inc.) where she permitted the first new power plant at The Geysers, California in 21 years, in less than one year.

Ms. Blaydes has a B.A. in environmental studies and land use planning from Sonoma State University. She has been a board member of the Geysers Geothermal Association since the formation of the organization and is a former Vice-President of both the GGA and the Geothermal Resources Council.

Paul Brophy

EGS, Inc.

Waterfall Towers
Suite A112
2455 Bennett Valley Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Paul has been elected President of the GRC for 2014!


Steve Burden,

Calpine Corporation
10350 Socrates Mine Rd.
Middletown, CA 95461


photo of L. Boyd Green

Boyd Green grew up in Nebraska where he was introduced to the energy business by uncles. He attended Iowa University studying Geology for three years before he went into the US Air Force for four years. After he left the Air Force, he finished his schooling at Colorado State Teacher's College in Greeley, Co. He worked his way through school by working on oil rigs. After graduation, he worked in off shore oil drilling in Taiwan. After 4 years overseas, he returned to the US and attended the Dresser Industries Mud School studying Leadership training and Drilling Engineering.

He then went to work for Macgabar and in 1980 he became the manager of Dresser Industries Macgobar operation in The Geysers from 1980 to 1992 Boyd is past president of the GGA from 1990-91 and a current (2004) member of the Board of Directors, as well as a current member of the Geothermal Resources Council. He is presently Geothermal Project Manager for MISWACO (MISWACO is the new name for M-I Drilling Fluids).

L. Boyd Green

(M-I Drilling Fluids LLC)
P.O. Box 1369
Cobb, CA

photo of Doug Jung
Doug Jung, PE, is Principal Engineer with Two-Phase Engineering & Research, Inc. Doug started working at The Geysers in 1977 with Thermogenics as Operations Engineer for the old Unit 15 area. He now provides R&D, facility design and production optimization consulting services to the industry.Among his contributions includes LEAMS (low emissions atmospheric metering separator) for drilling and well-testing, all part of an industry effort to proactive demonstrate safer and environmentally friendlier ways to develop geothermal energy through the use of evolving technology.

Doug Jung

Two-Phase Engineering
and Research

3209 Franz Valley Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA


Cheri has been involved with the Geysers since 2000. Cheri is currently the Operations & Maintenance Manager at Bottle Rock Power.  Ms. Kendrick specializes in Air Quality, Resource Management, Chemistry, and Plant Operations and Maintenance. Before joining Bottle Rock, Ms. Kendrick worked at the Lake County Air Quality Management District as the Senior Air Quality Engineer. 

Prior to that position, she served as an Air Quality Specialist at the Mendocino Air Quality Management District.  Ms. Kendrick has twelve years of experience in the geothermal power plant industry, beginning with positions at Calpine Corporation as a Compliance Chemist and Power Plant Operator.

Ms. Kendrick holds a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry from the University of California Davis, is a Certified Water Treatment Operator, and has received extensive training with several certifications from the California Air Resources Board.

Cheri Kendrick

Operations & Maintenance Manager

P.O. Box 326
Cobb, CA 95426




Steve Enedy

Calpine Corporation
10350 Socrates Mine Rd.
Middletown, CA 95461


Larry Sessions has been involved in almost every aspect of the Geysers operations for 23 years, and began his geothermal carrier with Calpine, developing the COSO project in Southern California. Currently he is the General Manager, overseeing the operation and maintenance of 5 power generating facilities in the Yuba City area for Calpine. He has more than 35 years of experience in electrical generation, using natural gas, geothermal, coal, & fuel oil processes.

Even though Larry is now managing natural gas fired power plants, he enjoys staying involved in the Geysers with giving tours and sharing its rich history.

Larry and his wife have been residents of Cloverdale since 1989 and area actively involved in the local community.

Larry Sessions

Calpine Corporation
10350 Socrates Mine Rd.
Middletown, CA 95461


Ralph Aviles previously worked on and off-shore California in the oil industry for both Unocal Corp. and Chevron U.S.A. He worked for Unocal in the production engineering department in Santa Rosa supporting Geysers field operations and held various assignments.

In 1996 he relocated his office to the Geysers working as a supervisor for the production engineering, new construction and non-destructive testing department. In 1999 after the Calpine acquisition of Unocal's interests in the steam field, Ralph joined Calpine's Geysers operations as a power marketing analyst and is currently employed as a financial analyst at the Geysers. Ralph was the GGA's finance officer from April of 1995 until June 2012.

Ralph retired from Calpine in June, 2014.

Ralph Aviles



Paul Graham

Calpine Corporation
10350 Socrates Mine Rd.
Middletown, CA 95461



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